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Item NO.:YN27C
Product name:Internal combustion rock drill

    Internal Combustion Rock Drill Type YN 27C has functions of drillhole,cleavage, bruising, tamping and chiseling. It is widely used in mine, road construction,quarrying, national defence works, etc.

Weight of main machine  27 kg
Type of carburetor  Hand needle valve, no floating type 
Ignition system  Controllable silicon ?? contactless system 
Displacement of engine piston  185 cm3
Rotating speed of engine  ≥2450 r/min
Rotating speed of drill rod  ≥200 r/min
End of drill rod dimensions  Hexagonal 22x108 mm
Max drilling depth  6 m
Tank capacity  1.14 L
Drilling speed  ≥250mm/min
Mixture ratio of gasoline and lubricating oil(in volumes)  12:1
Clearance of spark plug  0.5??0.7 mm