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Item NO.:B87C
Product name:Pneumatic breaker

    The pneumatic breaker mode B87C is tools with compressed air as its power.The compressed air is distributed alternatively through the distributing valve into either end of the cylinder assembly so that the hammer inside is made to carry on a reciprocal motion which impacts the shank of the steel chisel by the tappet drives the chisel into the concrate foundation and makes them split into huge pieces.

Whole length 686mm
Total weight 39kg
Cylinder diameter 63.5mm 
Working pressure 0.63Mpa
Impact energy 100 +/- 10% J
Impact power 1.8 +/- 10% KW
Impact frequency 18 +/- 5% Hz
Air consumption 55 +/- 15% L/S 
Air pipe inner diameter 19mm
Shank Size 32mm * 160mm