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Item NO.:Y19A
Product name:Hand hold rock drill

    The machine is mainly used in samll quarries,small coal mines and limestone mines for drilling,blasting for constructing roads in mountain areas,also in the capital construction for water conservancy is suitable for drilling works in large mines for boulder blasting and other projects as well. When it is matched with air- leg model FT100,it can perform both dry and wet drilling under various kinds of rocks,and it is evenmore flexible in drilling operation when matched with the small- size compressor of capacity of 1.5m3,the function will be better than others.
    The flanged control vavle is adopted,so it has many advantages such as reasonable in structure,quick in starting ,light in weight ,fast drilling speed,lower air comsumption,smaller vibration,easier operation,lower trouble rate,long-life parts,good economic effect, is also equipped with a rubber damping handle,so is eary to operate and provide the operators with necessary working protection.

Outside dimensions(L×W×H)
Cylinder dia
Piston stroke
Air pressure
Air pipe inner dia
Water pipe inner dia
Shank dimension
When working pressure is
Impact energy
 ≥40 J        
Impact frequency
 ≥35 Hz       
Idling speed
 ≥180 r/min
 ≥200 r/min    
Air consumption
 ≤37 L/s
 ≤43 L/s