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Item NO.:Y26
Product name:Hand hold rock drill

    Y26 type hand-hold rock drill is used at mines,Railway,irrigation and quarrie to digging holes and for the second digging holes.
Y26 type hand-hold rock drill can be used be used to digging dry or wet by horizontal holes,vertical holes or angling holes on medium-hard rock or hard rock.

Weight  26kg 
Overall length 650*534*125
Dia.of cylinder 70mm
Stroke 70mm
Rock drill frequency ≥23HZ
Idling rotational speed ≥200r/min
Inner Dia.of air pipe 19mm
Inner Dia.Of the water pipe 13mm
Strike power ≥30J
Working water pressure 0.3-0.35Mpa
Checking tail size 22*108mm
Air consume of rock drill ≤47L/S
Noise ≤124(db)
Dia.of rock drill hole 34-42mm
Depth of rock drill hole 5mm